Amulets and Talismans

What is the difference between a talisman and an amulet?

The amulets are objects people use for protection against any evil things that may occur.

Instead, the talismans represent objects that amplify the power and the self-confidence of the wearer.

The amulets can be used for protection against theft, sickness, accidents, and misfortune.

When worn, the talismans are lucky items attract luck in love, helping us have a better day, full of success on all levels.

What is an amulet?

An amulet is considered an object that protects a person from trouble, and it needs to be always worn to keep away bad luck or any bad thing that may happen.

Types of amulets:

Anti-theft amulets:

There are powerful symbols of protection against thefts, accidents, enemies (for example, the blue rhinos).

Also, they can be used to fight off the violent influence of Flying Star 7 during the period of Flying Star 8.

This is a star feared by Feng Shui masters, as it brings thefts, fatal accidents, and disasters in our lives.

The best remedy for this star is placing a pair of blue rhinos in the affected sector.

Where to place anti-theft amulets:

1. Preferably, place a pair of blue rhinos next to the main entrance of the living room. This will keep away the people who try to come with ill intentions in your home and will affect all the family members. This pair of blue rhinos will also protect against robbery and accidents.

2. For business people, the place of a pair of blue rhinos can be at the main entrance of the office or workplace. They will ward off competitors and enemies. Also, they will protect against accidents and burglaries.

Protective amulets against evil, jealousy, and envy:

The evil eye is a powerful symbol that protects against the wicked eye of jealousy.

Along with the anti-jealousy amulet, this amulet ensures that you remain guarded against any harm caused by those who envy you.

It shields against any harm caused by gossip, defamation, and the actions of those jealous of you, in competition with you, or those who crave what you have.

It is suitable for anyone affected by the influence of Flying Star 7 or 3, rats, or those who work or carry their activities in competitive or political environments.

Protective amulets against misfortune and sicknesses

The pagoda of the five vital elements is used to eliminate the negative and unfavorable energy caused by Flying Star 5, for protection against disasters, misfortunes, and dangers. Also, it can be used to eliminate the sickness energies caused by Flying Star 2.

This statuette protects against illness, gossip, and it amplifies our cleverness, it prevents us from making wrong decisions, it eliminates obstacles from our lives, and it protects us against negative energies.

Amulets against accidents:

The elephants can be used for protection against accidents, but also for attracting wellness and money, for career and success, for love and fertility, for family and education, for luck and a favorable condition.

Appreciated by Chinese, Indian, and African people as the most powerful and auspicious symbol from the animal kingdom, characterized by strength, dignity, virility, fertility, caution, wisdom, and intelligence, the elephant is adored and honored, sacred and loved.

In Buddhism, the elephant is one of the most important eight animals, and in India, the Ganesha deity is depicted as having an elephant head.

Amulets against black magic and curses against your family:

This amulet will help you overcome any obstacle, and to have only luck and joys. It helps accumulate karmic merits, which attract health, wealth, happiness, and love, and it wards off negative energies and misfortunes from your life.

Such an amulet subdues even the fiercest and most dangerous demons from the spirits world.

It can help you overcome the negativity caused by mean people, and by those who want to harm you.

It offers excellent protection against spells and black magic. Keep going if you suspect someone is using this type of magic against you.

Also, it is recommended during the Hungry Ghost month, when you can get attacked by wicked spirits.

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What is a talisman?

Talismans bring us luck, wellness, and health. All you have to do is find the right talisman that matches your personality.

Each talisman is unique, and you need to find the one that suits you perfectly.

The origins of the objects that turn into talismans probably reside in superstitions and have the task to generate stability and trust in a world full of unpredictable.

Maybe it is only a placebo effect, but one certain thing is that talismans can increase self-confidence, and this makes wonders in an uncertain world, full of challenges at every step.

Types of talismans:

Talismans for luck:

Crystal Birthstones Charms

The birthstones are specific to each zodiac sign and can harmonize the inner energies and absorb the negative ones.

The star that leads your life defines your personality, aspirations, luck, the way you manifest your feelings and needs.

Some claim that each zodiac sign has a quite big influence on fate, being governed by one or two different planets.

Worn directly on the skin as adornments, or placed in the house as decorative objects, the semiprecious stones increase or bring relaxation and peaceful sleep when chosen according to the astrological sign.

They protect us against negative energies and help us restore body balance.


Talisman bracelet:

By mixing more lucky symbols – the color of the string, the stones inserted, and the symbolic charm – this product will become a lucky, protective talisman, with a set purpose, a subtle aid in fulfilling your wishes.

bracelet charm for money and wealth

Mentally set the bracelet before placing it on your wrist, to invest it with a secret task, known only by you, to help you fulfill your wish.

Think deeply about the goal you want to achieve. Every time you will look at the central symbol of the bracelet, you will remember the objective you need to accomplish, and thus you will take a step forward in reaching it.

You can wear it along with other similar bracelets!


Ladybug charms bracelets and necklaces

Talismans to attract wellness and prosperity:

Chinese coins

Chinese coins have always been a popular symbol of wellness and prosperity in China.

Chinese coins are round and have a square hole in the middle. The combination of a square hole on a round coin represents the sky and the earth, and when they are used right, they can become extremely powerful, attracting fortune both from earth and sky.

In ancient China, scientists believed that the coins are very powerful in attracting luck and wealth, so they were worn as amulets by their sons. When the coins are combined with another auspicious element such as Chi Lin, turtle, or dragon, it is believed that success and abundance are amplified.

The old Chinese coins or their facsimiles are popular symbols of prosperity and wellness, and they are often used in today’s Feng Shui.

They can be carried in purses, wallets, or placed at the workplace or home. Golden ribbons or strings are often used to tie them together and to activate and release the energies of the coins.

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Talismans to attract love:

Mandarin ducks

A pair of Mandarin ducks represents the symbol of happiness in love, devotion, affection, marital fidelity, communion, and lasting love.

mandarin ducks - powerful feng shui symbol for love

The Mandarin ducks live in pairs and, eventually, mourn the loss of their partners, which is why these birds have long been considered the most traditional and powerful symbol of love and happiness in the couple in Feng Shui. 

When they are placed properly and in the vicinity of your estate, the Mandarin ducks become a powerful Feng Shui remedy, attracting or increasing the feeling of love in relationships.

For those who are single, a pair of Mandarin ducks will increase the chances to find love partners, and for the couples, they will attract marriage opportunities.

For the already married couples, a pair of Mandarin ducks will maintain the promise of a glorious and happy marriage. 

Talismans to attract positive energy:

Wind Chimes

The wind chimes, also known as magic bells, are a significant presence in Feng Shui. Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and versatile enhancer and remedy to correct Feng Shui flaws. The wind chimes will transform the negative and harmful chi into positive and beneficial energy through sound.

Talismans to attract money:

Money tree

Add more positive energy into your home and at the office. The artificial or natural plants from the house can attract prosperity, abundance, and luck. The money tree stimulates the Flying Star 8.

How to activate the money tree?

The money tree as a symbol of wealth is popular in many countries, so there are a lot of signs associated with it.

1. The money tree should be grown by itself – from leaves or sprouts. It is best if it is given to you as a gift.

2. Before planting the money tree, you should bury in the pot, at the root of the plant, a coin with the highest nominal value, for luck. If you don’t want to place this coin like Pinocchio, simply hide it under the pot.

3. It is recommended to plant and replant the money tree during the crescent moon.

4. Some people keep the coins, which they will later use to water the money tree, submerged in water.

5. When you plant or water the money tree, make a wish – it is said that it will come true as soon as the tree starts to bloom.

6. According to Feng Shui teachings, the money tree should be decorated with a red ribbon, its stem with Chinese coins, and the pot should be red, brown, silver, or golden.