About Us

The worldwide interest in Chinese astrology & feng shui and my fortunate involvement with Feng Shui for Modern Living made me realize there was an ever-growing need for more and more feng shui knowledge. I wanted to launch something on the theme of feng shui myself but put the idea to one side as events took me to different parts of the world, but in time it resurfaced.

TheChineseZodiac.Org was born from this idea, but it will encompass much more than feng shui. The surfer on the site will be able to access a whole range of information from feng shui to astrology & horoscope. By entering the site they can buy or sell a house based on feng shui principles. They can learn how to redevelop it or find someone who can do it for them. They can learn to decorate it, and choose fabrics, furniture, and accessories.

They can fit kitchens and cook with food, which is as healthy as we can find for them, organic or just plain decadent! The clothes they wear can be sourced to suit personal feng shui energies and power dressing for businessmen and women. The garden can be designed on feng shui principles, and plants can be bought and delivered from desktops, safe in the knowledge that it will all go towards a healthy and harmonious home.

Health will feature heavily with articles on all manner of subjects relating to holistic medicine, exercise, Tai Chi, and Yoga, to make life run smoothly. The feng shui will follow through as much as possible but it will not be part of every feature.

There are also plans for online training programs which students can subscribe to around the world, Feng shui and all its different schools will be available, as garden design, interior design and decorating as well as a host of other subjects, which will allow international involvement for all concerned.

The site will be linked to other areas of interest and will be updated regularly. All this is here or on its way to you. I welcome any participation from other Experts from around the world to make this a truly Universal site of interest for Modern Living.

Please feel free to contact us about this website or any other subject. Your comments and help will enable me to adapt the website to your particular needs. All articles submitted will be credited accordingly and regular contributors will feature in the Biography section. I welcome your feedback My Best Wishes to you all, and please keep visiting the site for regular information and help with your feng shui.

    You are welcome to use this content only if you provide proper credit by including a link to the original source. If you wish to reproduce, distribute, or translate any of the content on this website, you must include a link to our website. Any unauthorized use of this content without proper credit  may result in legal action.