25 Feng Shui Tips to Drastically Improve Your Life in 2022

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of design, can dramatically improve all areas of your life. This practice works with the arrangement of elements to promote good energy or “chi” within a space.

Not only does good chi make for a more positive atmosphere, but it also makes for a more positive life!

If you’ve ever studied Feng Shui, you know that it can be fairly complex with a lot of rules. But there are some simple Feng Shui tips that you can do almost instantly.

1. It is not good Feng Shui to hang a heavy object over your bed, especially where your head is. This compresses Qi and may affect sleep, cause bad dreams or fall on you in the middle of the night.

2. If you wish to buy a new house without consulting a Feng Shui practitioner, bring a newborn baby into the house. If the baby cries, it means the house does not have good Feng Shui. If the baby smiles it means the house has good Feng Shui.

3. Do not buy a red sofa unless advised to by a Feng Shui expert. Red is a color of activation and excitement and should be used sparingly.

4. Always sleep in a bed that has plenty of space beneath it to allow free flow of Qi. It is not good Feng Shui to sleep on a mattress on the floor or to store things under a bed.

5. When entering your home you should not be able to see the back door. In this case, Qi will have a tendency to rush right through the house and out the back door taking luck, prosperity, and health with it. Put a partition or a large plant to block the view and encourage Qi to circulate like a stream rather than rush like the wind.

6. There should not be a staircase near the main entrance of a home or business. When Qi enters it will have a tendency to scoot upstairs rather than circulate around the main floor. Qi will then stagnate on the main floor. The cure is to place a large plant or coat rack by the staircase to redirect the Qi.

7. For couples wanting children, try shifting the bed to another part of the room and hang wind chimes to break up negative energy if having difficulty.

8. Sleep with one side of your bed against a wall only if you do not want anyone else in there with you. If you do want someone else in bed with you, then make sure it can be gotten into from both sides. This allows the Qi to circulate more freely.

9. Generally speaking square and rectangular is better Feng Shui than round or oval for rooms and homes.

10. Always sleep with the head of the bed against a flat wall to give support and comfort.

11. Cactus plants should not be placed in offices as their thorny leaves give rise to quarrels if placed on tables where people gather. Cactus plants, strategically placed, on the other hand, may have the effect of getting rid of unwanted people.

12. Marble dining tables are too heavy and may cause work or family pressures. Oak is better. The same is true for heavy glass dining or coffee tables.

13. Do not place sofas or chairs under a beam, especially one that is showing. A beam above causes the Qi to compress creating a feeling of oppression for anyone sitting under it.

14. Rectangular desks are better for making money. Round desks are better for creative work. Black or brightly colored desks make work more difficult.

15. It is best to clean children’s rooms frequently and open the window for at least 20 minutes every day, even in Winter.

16. Bunk beds are not healthy for the one sleeping below. Qi is not able to flow freely here. But if you must, due to space restrictions, use bunk beds in children’s rooms, monitor their health closely, and try hanging wind chimes to help the Qi circulate.

17. If you wish to buy a new clock, buy one that has a pendulum below it to allow Qi to circulate and one that chimes every hour creating beautiful music.

18. Refrigerators and stoves should never face each other in the Kitchen. This causes friction between Fire and Water and creates disharmony in the home. Likewise, dishwashers and washbasins should not be placed opposite the stove. The cure is to move them or place a wind chime between them to dissipate negative energy.

19. If you are learning Feng Shui or are just becoming aware of it, don’t become too superstitious. This is bad Feng Shui for the mind. Learn to look at things logically and with common sense.

20. Two rounded lights or large porcelain planters at the entrance to your home will give it a solid welcoming feeling.

21. If people around you often fall sick, try giving them a wind chime keychain. The wind chime breaks up negative energies around them.

22. Main doors should be clearly visible from the street. Large trees or shrubs blocking the view of main entrances will block the inflow of health and good fortune.

23. Meet the neighbors. Friendly neighbors create good Qi.

24. It is good for a home to be higher than the surrounding ground. It is considered a good omen if your driveway slopes away from the house. If your driveway slopes toward the house, you may have bad luck and a flooded basement.

25. The luckiest number is 8. It is good to have 8 in your street address or telephone number. Three and Nine are magical Yang numbers. Six is a magical Yin number. Four is the unluckiest number.