Top 2022 Feng Shui Tips for Building, Buying or Renovating a House

If I want to buy a house in 2022 – the year of the tiger), what is the best direction my house should be facing ?

To buy a new house now, the best directions, the house should be facing are north or east and south west. Do not buy a house with the facing as north west or south east as you will get into financial difficulties. All these for the houses or buildings built from 2003 to 2023.

Powerful 2022 Feng Shui tips for your house

For those houses built from 1984 to 2003, there are facing north, the wealth area is in the south,so the main door should be at south sector. While for the houses whose facing is south, the wealth area is in the north east. Hence have the main door as in north east sector. Houses facing north east and south west are also bad.

Which is important ? location or kua numbers directions ?

I have been asked this many times and each time I tell them the truth of how I feel about kua numbers. In fact, Kua numbers are good for knowledge only. Their use is actually quite limited. What is important is the location of the area where they are sitting to do work, or to sleep etc.

My Master told me, “Lynn it will be very difficult to change people’s mind about kua numbers as it is so deeply rooted in them and many famous authors have also written about them. How can you change their mind ? ” I told my Master, I am not afraid, I will try to teach them the truth and one day they will know that I am correct.

And Ming Kua numbers really do not work ! So Please don’t ask me which kua numbers I should sit ? But I have devised another method to determine your favourable direction/position and that is based on your 4 pillars.

My whole flat is painted pink in colour as my wife loves pink. Is that good feng shui ?

The colour blue comes under the category of the metal element. So that colour will make a strong fire person even more bad tempered. And the blue colour will also hurt the divine water dragon and therefore the house will not be able to receive good luck. Disharmony and no wealth will be the result of the family members staying in that flat.

My main door faces West. Can I hang a metal windchime there ? My friends told me it is not advisable to hang metal chimes in any sectors of my house ? Please help.

Your friend is right. It is not advisable to hang metal wind chimes in any sectors of the house as certain sectors can attract spirits to your house when you place them there. If your main door faces the west and your flat is built after the year 2004, then it is alright to put a metal wind chime at your door.

No. Fish tank cannot be placed where you like. As long as you do not know which family members are of weak fire or strong water person, it is not advisable to have a fish tank in your living room and especially not at the West. As the weak fire and strong water person will tend to fall sick if a large fish tank is placed in the living room. Reason being the fire will clash with the water.

If my flat is built in 2006 and my main door faces North, is my flat prosperous ?

From the year 2004 to the year 2023 , any house or flat that sits at the south and faces the north and has the main door at north has a very good feng shui house till the year 2023. No feng shui cures are required and the family can also be wealthy. However the external landscapes will also play a part to the family’s health and wealth. However, if the house or flat have also been checked by a Feng shui Master, then they can make even more than what they are already making.

What is a mountain star and the money star ? What do they do ?

The mountain stars and money stars are energies which are being plotted on a floor plan of a house or office as in a flying star feng shui audit.

A mountain star is responsible for the health and harmony of the occupants while the money star or facing star is responsible for the wealth of the occupants. There is also the base star which determines which star is stronger so whether it is the mountain star stronger or the money star. Then we also have the annual star.

How can I choose a good condo unit for myself if I do not wish to engage a Fengshui Master to pick one for me ?

You can first of all follow these simple rules:

  • That the condo project is not near to temples, churches, burial sites etc.
  • Look at where the roads are turning to the Condo or moving away from it.
  • Study where the swimming pool is or where the other smaller pools are.
  • Look for sheng chi and sha chi
  • Choose the middle floors. It is best.
  • If the sales lady tells you , the door faces north or east, do not assume it is a good house. It may not be good feng shui house if the facing is north west or south east especially if it is built in the period of 8. (2004 to 2023). And the facing of the unit need not be the main door.
  • Watch out for the lamp posts facing your main door if any.
  • Look at where the MRT station stops, as the chi carried by the train stops there and hence the chi accumulates there. ( look at my shop for instance) .
  • Do not just buy a condo unit because it is cheaper per sq ft. A Good feng shui flat is more important than the savings you will get. Why do I say that ?
    It is because a good feng shui flat will ensure that you and your family are all healthy and happy. Your children will seldom fall sick and you don’t have to worry. Secondly, you and your husband will enjoy the good wealth that comes with the flat. And everything will be smooth for you. Children when sleeping in a good feng shui flat can study better and hence their school results will be much better. For all these, isn’t it better to pay a little bit more ?

Is it good to have a main door facing another main door ? Please advise.

It all depends on the energy maps there. If the stars there need a wall or a mountain, then your neighbour’s door provide you with that mountain and therefore, you will be able to enjoy good health and harmony.

It is like (if you know something about flying star feng shui) , when you have a star 7 there, it is always good to have a mountain there to ensure good health and harmony. Mountain stars are important.

Their use is not only limited to the health and harmony part. There is something more.