14 Powerful Feng Shui Tips for Those Getting Married in 2022

1) Choose a GOOD day for your wedding so that no one clashes with the animal signs of that chosen wedding day.

2) Choose an auspicious time so that an auspicious hour is chosen to fetch the bride so that for the rest of your life you will start your married life lucky !

3) Brides should always wear white – It means that she is still a virgin on her wedding day. Although this is not so common nowadays it is after all still a tradition to be followed. Please keep to tradition.

4) The Bridal Car should be a Mercedes or bigger: Always insist that you fetch the bride in a Mercedes car or a BMW or even a Rolls Royce.

This means that you will be very successful in life after getting married such that you can make enough money to actually own one yourself !

5) The bouquet of flowers should be beautiful as beauty is good sheng chi.

6) Do not quarrel or swear on that wedding day ! You don’t want to start your wedding day creating shar chi (negative energy) and getting all that negative energy at the start of your married life ! So try to keep tempers down.

7) Switched on the pair of lamps beside the bed the whole night to ensure that your married life will be full of bliss and lots of children.

8) Put on a beautiful smile and give sheng chi (good energy) to everyone who greets you.

9) Step on your husband’s shoes if you want him to listen to you for the rest of his married life. The same can be applied to the bride.

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10) For the brides, do not wear a black wedding gown on the night of your wedding function. It signifies bad luck in the family soon after getting married.

11) Do not break any teacups or chopsticks while during the whole wedding day. If you do, it is bad luck to start your married life like this. Never mind if it has to break, something negative has to be broken so that your future with this man/woman will be smooth and bright.

12) Do not complain on your wedding day even though it is very tiring the whole day but soon it will be all over. If you complain, then there will be no good luck for the rest of your life !

13) Do not let anybody sit on your wedding bed even before you and your husband have slept on them. It is bad luck as the energies of all your sisters will be there thus creating trouble for you after getting married.

14) Do not take off your wedding veil in the public. It means that you make love in the public area. The wedding veil should be taken off only in the bedrooms. Be sure to read the Feng Shui 2021 prognosis !