Dog 2018 chinese horoscope

Dog’s 2018 Overview

You won’t have to complain about the Stars this year, for you’ll have good luck in most areas of your life. Of course, problems can still occur. You will need to be patient and tenacious at work. If you’re wise enough to adapt yourself to new challenges that arise, you’ll strengthen your character and develop two key qualities — the art of negotiating and the ability to make sensible choices.

Dog 2018 love horoscope

Your romantic life will undergo no great changes. If you live as a couple, happiness will be there: A kind of simple but authentic happiness to be lived every day. If you’re currently alone, expect a period favorable to amorous encounters to begin. Perhaps this time you’ll meet someone who’ll make your heart thump.

The Stars promise you tenderness and sensuality in your life as a couple and also ensure stability and fidelity. If you’re single, your love life should heat up in the most delightful ways. Still, you need to keep your eyes open. If your heart gets carried away, be careful not to embark thoughtlessly on a love story that could end up deceiving you.

dog 2018 horoscopeTHIRD QUARTER
You’ll reject routine, and you’ll feel compelled to let your sweet one know that you need some more excitement. He or she should receive your message clearly, and so your love life will have great chances to be at a top level. Single folks, you could very well succumb to love at first sight this time. You’ll be walking on air!

Well-being and pleasure will reign in your life as a couple. Enjoy the love and support of your love mate. If your heart is still free, you’ll more than ever live each day as it comes, and you’ll know how to profit from the numerous pleasures that will come within your reach instead of thinking about settling down.